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What is hair loss and how does it happen?

Men’s hair loss

Most problems with hair loss among men are linked to men’s progressive and hereditary alopecia. This type of hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia or male-pattern baldness, involves a gradual and localised loss of hair.

Men are affected by mostly moderate hair loss, but if left of its own accord and not tackled, it will become permanent due to the gradual involution of the hair towards vellus hair. It is either androgenetic defluvium or androgenetic alopecia. In androgenetic alopecia, the hairs that fall out are largely lost.

The hair growing phase gradually decreases and becomes short, so a varying percentage from subject to subject, ranging from 10 to 60%, of the hairs that fall out are short, thinner, with smaller bulbs than normal hair, and more superficial. They fall out prematurely and are increasingly shorter. There is a genetic predisposition towards hair loss that can lead to androgenetic alopecia. There is a hereditary mechanism, more like a gene, that can lead to hair loss, which also depends on other factors that can act as contributing factors or worsen ongoing loss. Contributing factors can include: strict diets, extended periods of stress, hypothyroidism, etc.

How does alopecia occur?

Alopecia appears with a gradual miniaturisation and superficialisation of hair follicles; practically speaking, many hairs start to be replaced by increasingly thinner hairs.

Hair miniaturisation

The gradual miniaturisation of hair is caused by a progressive decrease in the size of the follicle. As the follicles gradually shrink, they become increasingly superficial and look like vellus hair follicles.
Miniaturised hairs are also shorter, since their growing phase becomes shorter and shorter.
This involves a higher number of hairs in the telogen phase, or hair loss, and the hairs in this phase are increasingly synchronised. Practically speaking, the growing phases are increasingly shorter and the resting phases are increasingly longer.
As time goes by, the follicle miniaturisation becomes irreversible, so you need to act as soon as possible with hair loss treatments.

When should you act against hair loss in men and what are the results?

If you have a genetic predisposition to hair loss, your hair is genetically pushed towards falling out every day, so you need to fight back with the same tenacity and look after your hair by starting as soon as you see the first signs of loss, because otherwise your hair will be left to its genetic fate.

The sooner you start to look after your hair and the more perseverance you have, the more likely your trichological strategy is to succeed. Products only nourish, strengthen and stimulate the follicles that are still able to produce hair and not those that have wasted away.

Lotions are applied on stressed hairs, on the ones that are thinning, and not on the hairs that turned into vellus hairs a long time ago. You need to look after your hair while it is still there, when the follicles still have stem cells that can create new hair, perhaps stronger hair with a longer growing phase than the old hair.

If you ignore the problem and start looking after your hair late on, you can preserve the ones you have, keeping them for longer and recovering the ones that have shrunk more recently, but for the others this is not possible.

Your scalp cannot be made thicker again once the follicles have wasted away.

Alesco’s treatment for men’s hair loss

How to fight back with dermo-cosmetics

When looking to fight back with dermo-cosmetics, we recommend using Alesco Lotion Plus.
The skin-nourishing effect of this lotion lets hair rediscover its natural growing strength.

How to apply Alesco Lotion Plus

Apply 2 to 4 millilitres of the product onto your scalp, making sure that you immediately start massaging it in to get maximum product absorption. Immediately afterwards dry off any excess moisture with a hair dryer. You can apply the lotion from a minimum of 3 times a week up to once a day.

Work on the structure of your hair from the inside

To improve the structure of your hair, you can use Alesco Supplement.
Take 2 capsules every morning before breakfast. This will give you the nutrients required to strengthen and grow more vigorous hair.

If you have a strong genetic predisposition, which can be seen from how much hair your grandfathers and dad have, you can combine the effect and nutrients of Alesco Supplement for Him.

If you began looking after your hair when the process was more advanced, you should use Alesco Supplement Plus to give hair more structure and to nourish your hair and scalp deep down with targeted plant extracts.

Which shampoo should I use to support my treatment for men’s alopecia?

To complement your treatment, you should use Alesco Shampoo Energy. This product has biofunctional ingredients designed to work in synergy with the hair-friendly lotions mentioned above.

Smokers or particularly stressed people can use Alesco Shampoo Stress to readdress their oxidative balance with external antioxidants and to restore their scalp to conditions that support the healthy growth of hair.

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